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One-Time Pass Fine Forgiveness

The Library offers patrons the option of a one-time waiver of fines/fees up to $100. The waiver is available to both adult and juvenile patrons. The following applies to the use of this one-time pass:

  • The waiver applies per account. It is not available for the same person to use multiple times with replacement cards.
  • The patron forfeits any balance remaining if the full amount of the allowance is not used. The balance cannot be used for future charges.
  • Any amount remaining after using the full $100 waiver remains on the patron's account and must be cleared before being eligible to use library services (both materials and computers) again.
  • Any amount remaining after using the full $100 waiver is subject to collection and credit reporting, provided the balance meets the criteria for reporting.
  • Use of the one-time pass must be approved by the Circulation Supervisor.

    If a patron elects to take advantage of the one-time pass, it will be noted in his/her patron record and he/she will be restricted from any future use of the one-time pass.

    A patron must apply for his/her pass in person at the library.

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