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Wireless Internet Access Policy

Updated: August 28, 2013

The Laurel County Public Library offers free wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) for library patrons to use with their own personal laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Agreement and services

  • In addition to this Wireless Internet Access Policy, wireless users must also agree to abide by the Laurel County Public Library's Internet/Computer Use Policy and Code of Conduct.
  • Wi-Fi access is provided free of charge on an as-is basis with no guarantee and no warranty. The library's Wi-Fi is subject to periodic maintenance and unforeseen downtime. The Laurel County Public Library may terminate its wireless Internet access at any time without prior notice.
  • Using the library's wireless network

  • The user is responsible for setting up his/her equipment to access the wireless network. Library staff is not permitted to handle your laptop, tablet, or other device. Library staff is not allowed to configure patrons' computer equipment, nor can they provide more than general assistance in getting connected to the wireless network.
  • Communication over Wi-Fi is not secure. The Laurel County Public Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of your equipment or data while using its Wi-Fi. The library highly recommends that all laptops or wireless devices have up-to-date antivirus software, spyware protection, and a personal firewall installed while utilizing the library's wireless network.
  • The Laurel County Public Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment. Users must keep their equipment with them at all times.
  • Users are cautioned that the library is a public area which must be shared with library users of all ages, backgrounds, and sensibilities. Users are asked to consider this and to respect others when accessing information and images.
  • Power, printing, and sound

  • It is recommended that users charge the batteries of laptops or wireless devices before coming to the library. However, available power outlets may be used wherever the cord does not present a tripping hazard or block access for patrons or staff. Chairs or tables are not to be moved to electrical outlets.
  • Printing is not available via Wi-Fi. If the user desires to print, the file can be saved to a flash/thumb drive or emailed to him/herself and printed from a public computer for a nominal fee per page. A user must have a library card and be in good standing in order to check out a public computer.
  • Access to Internet applications with sound should be obtained using the user's own headphones.
  • The user agrees and releases, indemnifies, and holds harmless the Laurel County Public Library and its officers and employees from any damage that may result from the use of this wireless access.

    Violation of this Wireless Internet Access Policy may result in the loss of library privileges. In addition, any attempt to circumvent library procedures or any unauthorized attempt to access or manipulate library equipment will result in disconnection from the library's wireless network.

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