Have a question about some of the day-to-day operations of the library? Check out the policies below. They’ve been approved by the library’s Board of Trustees and are reviewed and updated regularly.

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The Laurel County Public Library provides a community bulletin board to display information pertinent to the Laurel County community. Information or events in Laurel County of a civic, cultural, informational, or recreational nature and sponsored by community or non-profit organizations, neighborhood groups, or government agencies may be posted according to this policy.

This policy applies to the bulletin board in the entryway of the Library. Interior boards are used exclusively for library programs.

The Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of organizations permitted to post information on the bulletin board. The Library accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any item accepted for posting or for the accuracy of the information displayed.

  • Library materials, including those from Friends of the Laurel County Public Library, take priority over community announcements.
  • All postings must be submitted to the Circulation Desk for review by the Director or designee. All efforts will be made to approve submitted items within 48 hours of the time of submission. Each item will be marked with the initials of the person granting approval and the date of posting. Items not accepted for posting will not be returned.
  • Items posted without review will be removed.
  • Items will be posted on a first come, first served basis.
  • Items that are date sensitive may be posted up to four weeks before the date of the event or
    deadline for registration for the event.
  • Items that are not date sensitive may be posted for up to eight weeks, space permitting.
  • Limited space demands that no signage larger than 8.5” x 11” may be posted.
  • As the bulletin board is located in a public space, postings must be appropriate for viewing by all
    ages. No nudity or profanity is allowed.

The following materials will not be approved for use on the bulletin board:

  • Postings designed for individual or commercial profit or gain. This includes the advertisement of items or services for sale by commercial entities, profit organizations, or individuals, such as garage sales, rental properties, want ads, etc.
  • Political campaign materials of a partisan nature urging people to vote for or against a person or an issue.
  • Postings proselytizing for a specific religious sect or affiliation.
  • Postings containing content that could be considered discriminatory or harassing based on a group or individual’s protected status (as defined and protected by federal, state, or local law) or which advocates in any way for such discrimination.

In the event that a group or individual would like to appeal the Library’s decision not to display an item, an appeal may be made in writing to the Library’s Board of Trustees, whose decision will be final.

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