2-Sentence Horror Story Contest

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Spooky season and horror stories!

Everyone enjoys reading horror books around Halloween, so why not try writing one? Stop by the black cauldron, in the front lobby, to pick up your writing form to create your own horrific story, just in time for Halloween!

What is it?

It’s a creepy writing contest just in time for spooky season! Give the judges a fright when they read your spine-tingling story. These 2-sentence stories are meant to be eerie and unsettling, so try your hand at horror.

When is it?

We’re taking submissions from October 7th through October 21st.

What are the prizes?

First place will receive a $30 Kroger gift card.
Second and third places will receive a creepy multimedia book bag.

Who’s it for?

This horror story contest is for anyone ages 16 and older, who love spooky stories and enjoy writing them or are interested in writing. So grab a pen or pencil and give it a shot!

Here’s some spooky inspiration from last year’s winners:

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