Beauty On The Inside… and Outside

Wow, what a busy summer!  We’ve had such a great time with our Summer Reading programs this year that it makes us so excited for what we know is to come once our expansion is finished.

So, let’s update everyone on what’s been happening with the expansion.  As you’ll see from the pictures below, it’s all coming together nicely.

Here in our adult library area, the walls are painted and the floor is in the early stages of getting its new carpeting. As you can see by the picture, the architect replicated our old entry into our reading garden so it has the same appearance as the original back wall.

Here’s our super huge Kentucky Room, it almost doubles in size. We’re really big on re-purposing old materials (waste not, want not) so if you notice those are the windows and doorways from the original room.  This room will also be the future home of our current fireplace.

This snazzy room will be our Friends of the Library room.  This is where book sales and various other programs they’re involved with will be organized and coordinated.  Right now, they’re working out of a closet that’s not much wider than a person’s shoulders.  See that gorgeous brickwork? That used to be the old exterior wall.

Here’s a picture of our new lobby for our second entrance area.  To the right is our new auditorium and to the left is our adult library section.

Speaking of the auditorium, look how gorgeous that stage is!  Can’t you just picture all the performances that will be had in this room?  All the concerts, heart warming stories told, and all the knowledge that will be shared.  This room can be used for a little bit of everything because we decided to make the seating removable, and when we first move in, it’ll actually be our children’s department.  More about that a little later.

In the front of our new expansion, we have this huge, new patio area.  All the memorial bricks that was originally located in our reading garden will find their new home here.  On the patio there will be seating for the public to come soak up the sun while enjoying their books and much more.

This is what’s being worked on as we speak–our new entrance and expanding parking area.  It’s ok to get really excited, we totally understand.  😉

So I bet you’re wondering, when do you get to walk in and breathe in that new paint smell?

Well, right now the plan is that in October, we’ll be shutting down the library and moving EVERYTHING from the original side over to the new side–which may take a couple weeks. Some areas will get their permanent furniture and contents, while many other areas will have to play the role of other departments. For example, the auditorium will be our children’s department.

During autumn and winter, they’ll be working on all the upgrades to the old part. Once that’s finished, we’ll shut down again, move whatever needs to go back to the new part and then, BAM, we’re finally finished! The citizens of Laurel County will have a fantastic library to enjoy for 2016!

More details about the October move will be announced in September, so be sure to check back with us here or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

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