Getting Back Into the Groove

What an October! If you haven’t seen any of our updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we’ve had a crazy month.  We were shut down for 2 weeks as we completely emptied out the existing library and put all that we could in our new expansion.

We’re so lucky to have such a hard working, dedicated staff.

We made every effort to include all the resources you expect to have when you visit, but finding the room for all of it can be a little challenging.

Currently we have roughly half of our normal public computers available and not our entire collection of books are on the shelves, but there’s still plenty to choose from.

You still have access to all the wonderful things you had in the old Kentucky Room, like all the materials for and by Kentuckians, our genealogy selections, and our microfilm archives.

We know our patrons love their audiobooks and DVDs, so we made sure to pack this room tight with as many of them as it would hold.

Our auditorium is the current stomping ground for our children’s department.  They too are working with about half of the computers they normally have, but we were able to keep nearly their entire collection on the shelves. We also have a cozy little area for special guests and story time!

We’re not kidding when we say we’re utilizing every square foot of this place.  We’re using what will be a storage closet for chairs and tables as a makeshift room for adult programming like craft nights, classes, discussions, etc.

It’s going to be cozy over here in the new part for a bit longer as the older part gets renovated, but after it’s finished and we get back to 100%, this place will knock your socks off.

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