Harry Potter Book Night 2022

Let’s celebrate the world of Harry Potter!

Stop by the children’s department at the library to pick up a Harry Potter packet to begin your magical journey. (while supplies last)

What is it?

Harry Potter Book Night is taking place on February 3rd. It was created by the publishing company, Bloomsbury, and it began back in 2014, so this is the 8th year. It’s a magical celebration of the beloved series that is cherished by readers of all ages.

What’s special about this year’s celebration is that it marks the 25th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which is the first book in the series and was published in 1997. This year’s Harry Potter Book Night theme is “Magical Journeys,” which is a great way for readers to reminisce on the beloved series, or for readers to be introduced to the series and begin their own magical journey.

Who’s it for?

Harry Potter is a series that many readers would consider their favorite, whether that be from childhood nostalgia or their love for the stories. Whether you’re a long-time Harry Potter fan or you’ve never went to Hogwarts with Harry and his friends, this is a fun way to celebrate and go on a magical journey. Readers of all ages can enjoy this celebration. So, grab your butterbeer, a chocolate frog, and a copy of a book or movie and be transported to this magical world.

How to participate?

You can host your very own Harry Potter Book Night by picking up our event kit for a fun-filled evening at home. Enjoy a night of spellbinding fun by decorating your space, dressing up in magical costumes, preparing some tasty treats, participating in some enchanting games and activities, taking quizzes to test your knowledge, and more! You can be as creative as you want.

If you want a more casual celebration, grab a copy of a Harry Potter book (maybe re-read a favorite or start from the beginning) and get lost in the magical, wizarding world. If a movie is more your style, then grab a copy of your favorite Harry Potter adaptation, or have your own Harry Potter movie marathon.

So, have your wands at the ready….it’s time to let your magic loose!

Where to get the books?

Grab a copy of a book, eBook, audiobook, or take a deep dive with other magical items!

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