If You Like Downton Abbey…

The long, long wait is nearly over. Downton Abbey returns to PBS on Sunday, January 4th!

If you have to scratch that itch, though, before then, why not check out Downton-ish items from the library?

If you’d like to take a look inside the real Downton Abbey, watch Secrets of Highclere Castle. Or get a taste of other grand homes with Secrets of Iconic British Estates. Or you might want to try Manor House for a look at the British class system of the early 1900s. For dramatic stories, try The Buccaneers, Cranford, or The Remains of the Day.

Several nonfiction books are Downton related. The World of Downton Abbey is a companion to the TV show and features lots of photographs from the first and second series. If you find yourself drooling over the lavish dinner and party scenes, you’re sure to enjoy The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook. Another fun read is Downton Abbey: Rules for Household Staff, written by “Carson” in the style of a training manual for the below stairs staff. It’s a hoot!

If fiction is more your taste, check out A Room with a View, The American Heiress, or Snobs. Plus, you may also like The Shooting Party and The House at Riverton. Mystery readers might enjoy The Crimson Rooms.

Know a teen who’s hooked on Downton Abbey? Suggest the “At Somerton” series to them—the first is Cinders & Sapphires, followed by Diamonds & Deceit. Another option is The Luxe, followed by Rumors and Envy.

And when the end of series 5 of Downton Abbey rolls around? Just start watching them all over again! We have all series available on DVD.

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