International Information Exchange

Our Friends group reaches out farther than our local community to offer help to libraries. Currently, our Friends group works with other local public libraries in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, sharing with them techniques and strategies used by our social media team, ongoing programs and activities, and the role that a Friends group can play in supporting their libraries. It continues to be a very rewarding and interesting partnership that has grown to encompass 5 libraries since it began in 2013.

Take a look at some of the pictures below and you’ll see that a public library in Ukraine or Kazakhstan isn’t so different from our own library. Their libraries serve as meeting places for people to come to share common interests and to learn from one another–just like our does.

Somehow, just realizing this, makes the world seem a much friendlier place, don’t you think?

View more pictures by visiting their websites and/or Facebook pages:
Poltava Regional Library (Website) (Facebook)
East-Kazakhstan Regional Library (Website) (Facebook)
Vinnytsia Public Library (Facebook)

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