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A picture can say a thousand words but what about a video? That’s a question we asked ourselves a while back when we decided to create a YouTube channel for the library. So many great things happen here at the library and we want to share them with our patrons so they can share them with others. Currently on our page, you’ll find everything from interviewsmusical performancesquick tips, and story time videos.

How do you become a ventriloquistactor, or magician? One of our playlists features interesting interviews that allow our patrons some insight on the paths our performers followed to get to where they are today.

If you’ve got kids be sure to check out the fun videos from Miss Leah that show us how to create fun crafts you can do at home, along with science experiments, book recommendations, and more.  She’s not afraid to get silly in front of the camera.

We’ve got even more types of videos planned, such as detailed how-to-guides on using your e-reader and getting started with your genealogy research.

One of the best parts of using YouTube as a place to host our videos is the ability to watch these videos anywhere you have an internet connection. You can view our YouTube channel on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

You can even enjoy our videos on your television if you have a smart TV or a player connected to it like Apple TV, RokuAmazon Fire TVAndroid TV, etc.

The steps are different for each device for watching our videos but what they do share in common is using the YouTube app. If you have an Apple TV or an Android TV, it’s already installed but if you have a Roku or other device you may have to install it.

When you open the YouTube app for the first time, you might be asked to sign into your Google account. I recommend doing this because it will sync with your video history from other devices and, most importantly, the channels you subscribe to.

Subscribing to a channel is like bookmarking or favorite-ing it so you can get back to it easier and get updates when there are new videos to watch.

By subscribing to a channel like the library’s, you can quickly access all the latest videos with just a few clicks of your remote. Even if you’re not subscribed, you can still easily find our page by searching for “Laurel County Public Library”.

Once you’ve found us on your TV, sit back and relax and enjoy.

Visit our YouTube channel and get started watching!

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