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Someone came up to me after a meeting the other day and told me he and his family had recently attended a musical performance at the library. They’d enjoyed the show, but since it was so crowded, they had to sit toward the back and their visibility was a little limited. Could the library, he wondered, get some sort of stage to use for performances like these?

Give us a year, I told him, and we’ll have that problem fixed. That’s exactly what’s happening right now at the library. We’re expanding to add a multi-purpose room for programming (with a stage!), plus we’re adding a lot more floor space for materials in the main area of the library.

Want to know more? We’ve decided to start this blog to keep patrons—both local and out-of-town—up-to-date with what’s happening with the project. You’ll see from the attached photos that the contractors have just started erecting the steel of the addition, so we’ll really start to see progress now. We hope you’ll check this blog often to see what the latest developments are.

In between construction progress reports, we’ll share other information about the library—plus give you some extra hints about how you can best use our materials and services. We’ve got a lot of dedicated and talented people working here, so we’ll all take turns sharing the blog space.

Thanks for reading—and be sure to stop back by soon for a construction progress report!

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