Poetry For Change

When the Laurel County Public Library began the Annual Poetry Contest, we weren’t quite sure what the community’s response would be. Poems began arriving at a trickle, and towards the deadline, they poured in like a flood!

We were astounded by all of the creative people living within our region, so we decided to give their creative thoughts a challenge for 2nd Annual Poetry Contest with the theme “Poetry for Change.”

This change could be something they’ve experienced first-hand, something they wish to see come to light, or a change they’re currently going through. 

The submissions were so good we wanted to share them with everyone. Below you’ll find the collection of poems to read and enjoy.

Also, we’re delighted to announce that our talented regional poets will be showcasing their submissions and sharing the mic with local and regional authors at our Literary Showcase on Thursday, April 16th at 6 pm. Contest winners will also be announced then.


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