True Crime Cases: April 2019

This intriguing group will meet once a month to look at what many people are fascinated by, True Crime Cases. Each month we’ll discuss cases that have gripped a nation and try to explain the criminal psychology by using descriptions of police investigations and trial procedures.

Discussion for this case will be on Tuesday, April 16th at 6pm.

Brookelyn Farthing

On June 21, 2013, Brookelyn and her younger sister Paige had taken their driver’s license tests. Brookelyn passed; Paige did not — which became a running joke among the family for the rest of the day.

That night, the girls, along with their family, attended their Papaw’s 70th birthday celebration. He had been ill and the party was important.

Afterward, the sisters attended yet another birthday (field) party on Red Lick Road, along with a cousin. Between 7pm and 8pm, Paige and the girls’ cousin decided to leave the party. Brookelyn stayed, as she made plans to stay with a friend who was also in attendance. She carried with her an overnight bag.

“She was good friends with most of the people down there,” said Thomas, of the party. “My sisters had grown up in the Red Lick area throughout their high school years.”

The friend whom Brookelyn planned to stay with that night wanted to go spend the night at a boy’s house. Uncomfortable with the idea, Brookelyn and the friend had a small argument. She stayed at the party but her friend left.

When the party was ending, witnesses saw Brookelyn catch a ride with two young men.

The three allegedly drove to Floyd Branch Road to see some horses. Later, one of the men was dropped off at his home. The other man took Brookelyn to his home on Dillon Court. Being in foreclosure, the home had no running water or electricity, Thomas noted.

Once there, Brookelyn called Paige around 4am on June 22, and asked if there was any way their cousin could pick her up — but the cousin had been drinking and was unable to do so. Not wanting their mother to be woken up to come get her, Brookelyn said she would call her ex-boyfriend to pick her up when he got off work from his third-shift job.

According to Thomas, Brookelyn sounded fine on the phone. She just sounded tired and ready to come home.

Brookelyn made plans with her ex-boyfriend, which her sister said have been confirmed. He would pick her up after he got off work. But, sometime after 4am, Brookelyn sent texts saying “Can you hurry,” “Please hurry,” and “I’m scared.” The texts stopped after her ex received one saying “never mind” and that she was going to a party with some friends in Rockcastle County.

“He did try to ask her who she was going with, but she never sent anything back at that point,” Thomas said, adding the ex-boyfriend then went home.

On Saturday, June 22, 2013, Brookelyn was supposed to be going to a car show in Somerset with friends. When she never showed and couldn’t be reached by phone, they contacted Paige around 2pm.

After word from Paige that Brookelyn couldn’t be found, family began calling and searching for her. Paige told the family that Brookelyn’s friend had said she had left with a man from the party.

“We had never heard of (the man). Paige knew most of Brookelyn’s friends…however, she would have never left with someone unless she was comfortable with them,” said Thomas, adding the family believes he was a friend or relative of Brookelyn’s ex-boyfriend.

After Paige obtained the man’s phone number, Thomas made the phone call, stating that they couldn’t reach Brookelyn and were getting a little worried. He told her that, yes, Brookelyn had caught a ride with him, but that after bringing her back to his house, he wasn’t comfortable staying there since he was friends with her ex-boyfriend and had left to put the horses back up. Before he left, the man told Thomas, no one had come to pick Brookelyn up but said he heard her talking about a party in Rockcastle County.

Twenty minutes later, the man calls Thomas again, stating he is scared. All of Brookelyn’s things were inside his house. He goes on to say when he returned from putting up the horses that morning, his house was on fire and that maybe it came from a cigarette Brookelyn was smoking on the couch before he left, all which Thomas said he didn’t tell her in their first conversation.

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