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We’re always looking to make it easier to learn and discover all the great things we offer here at the Laurel County Public Library, and our latest project is ready for us to share with all of our patrons. Today we’re launching our brand new website!

Unlike many websites that seem to re-design themselves for what seems to be no other reason than to confuse and aggravate you, we hope that you find our new changes will help you use all of our services.

You’ll notice that it has a very familiar look and is structured pretty much the same as the site that it replaces. This was intentional so that our patrons would still know the general areas where they could find the things they need.

This new site, however, isn’t just a new coat of paint—oh no. There are some powerful, new tools and features that will help you find what you need quickly and easily.  Below are just a few.

Filtered Resources

We offer what can seem like an overwhelming amount of resources. On certain pages you can now filter down the resources to only show the categories you’re interested in.

Knowledge Base

We now have an area of our site that we can post our frequently asked questions as well as how-to-guides on using our services. Content will be added to this area very often and will continue to grow with more useful information.

Event Calendar

Our new event calendar is more powerful than ever before. With this calendar you can easily register for events without having to use those horrible hieroglyphic looking CAPTCAs to verify that you’re not a robot. There are many different and new ways to search the views of our calendar. For example, you can filter it to show only events that are in the evenings, or if there’s a reoccurring event, you can quickly see all the times in which you can attend that program.

Teens’ Page

Our teens now have a page that’s dedicated to the resources and events that are relevant to them! Here, you can also find titles and authors we recommend for that age range.

Site Search

If you notice on the far right of the menu, there’s an icon of a magnifying glass. This allows you to search the entire site for a keyword or phrase. For example, if you want to find Overdrive, simply type “Overdrive” in our search and see everywhere that word is mentioned on our site.

We hope that you enjoy using our new site!

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