Tearing Down Walls

If you’ve not been to the library lately, you need to stop by and check out the progress of the library expansion. Here’s what has been happening lately.

As soon as you enter the library, you’ll notice the back patio doors have been blocked off and the magazines have been moved from their original corner locations to alongside a temporary wall that’s been constructed. The wall was necessary to allow the construction workers access to all of the mechanical systems running thru the soffit above.

Unfortunately, when the wall went up, we also lost our doors and windows for watching the progress in the new area. But look! We have little mini-windows to look thru to see what’s happening! One is at adult height and the lower one is perfect for our younger patrons to look thru.

The brickwork has also started—and it’s amazing how fast these guys are!

You’ll also notice a new door cut in the brick in the original side of the building, behind where the science fiction is currently located. This will be a new emergency door when the expansion is complete.

Be sure to check the blog again soon for another construction update—or stop by and see what’s happening in person!

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