Thank You Daniel Maye!

Throughout the year, the Friends of the Library receives many book donations that will benefit the library by being sold at their annual book sales. Sometimes the donations consist of a trunkload of books, other times it’s a just handful. Imagine the surprise the Friends had when they got a phone call from Daniel Maye, saying that he had a house full of books that he wanted to donate. He wasn’t joking either, as the donated part of his collection filled 113 boxes!

Mr. Maye’s collection spans many different genres and has been kept in great condition over the years. Included is a wonderful collection of pop-up books that we plan to put out as a fun display this fall before the book sale.

Mr. Maye said that it was important to him and his partner that other people have the opportunity to read the books that brought so much joy to their lives over the years.

We want to say a special thank you to Mr. Maye for his generous donation to the Friends of the Library!

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