True Crimes Cases: October 2018 Discussion

This new and intriguing group will meet once a month to look at what many people are fascinated by, True Crime Cases. Each month we’ll discuss cases that have gripped a nation and try to explain the criminal psychology by using descriptions of police investigations and trial procedures.

Our first meeting will keep it close to home with the disappearance of Crystal Rogers, a mother of 5 from Bardstown, KY. This case inspired a new television series on Oxygen.

Discussion for this case will be on Tuesday, October 23rd at 6pm.

Crystal Rogers Disappearance

Since her disappearance on July 3, 2015, the case of Crystal Rogers has filled her hometown of Bardstown, Kentucky, with emotion and intrigue. The 35-year-old mother of five went missing from the home she shared with her boyfriend and children, and her car was found abandoned two days later on the side of the highway.

When Rogers’ father was fatally shot two years later, it seemed like another plot twist straight out of a Southern Gothic mystery novel. It’s been three years since Rogers’ disappearance, and police are still desperately searching for answers.


Take a look at a timeline provided by Oxygen to gain a better understanding as to the order of known events.


Brooks Houck takes a polygraph and the results are considered inconclusive.

Nick Houck takes a polygraph and fails. Nick Houck is soon fired from the police department for “interfering with the investigation”.

Polygraph tests are not admissible in court and are usually used to determine behavior patterns by investigators only.

Brooks Houck does an interview with Nancy Grace to tell his side of the story. He also answers questions regarding why he has not been involved in the search for Crystal.


Listen to one of these podcasts to learn more details about the case.

Search in your preferred podcast app, or use Podbean, Pocket Casts, or Stitcher. You can also search podcasts by going to Youtube, although not all episodes will be available.

Search using these specific titles for related podcasts:

True crime Brewery: For The Love of Crystal
Unresolved Podcast: Bardstown (Part 1, 2, and Update)
Crime Junkie: Episode 12


This is an overview from podcast Sword and Scale on the unsolved murders in Bardstown, KY of Jason Ellis and Kathy and Samantha Netherland. Are they related? What are your thoughts?

Questions or Suggestions

I’d love to hear from you. What are your thoughts regarding this case?

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