What is the Laurel County Public Library’s Response to COVID-19?

Our primary concern is the safety of our patrons and staff.

  • We are doing more cleaning in our building.
  • We have ordered additional supplies of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer which are available at all locations.
  • We are expecting staff to frequently clean all public services desks.
  • Staff are being encouraged to wash their hands frequently throughout the day.
  • It is impossible to clean all returned materials. However, it has always been the Library’s procedure to clean or discard soiled returned items.
  • We are monitoring the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website and have contacted the Laurel County Health Department for advice.

Will the Library Remain Open?

  • The library has no current plans to close. However, we are in contact with our local Health Department for continued advice and direction.  The library will close if directed by government officials or the Health Department.
  • Patrons who wish to have limited contact with others can always utilize our chat services and electronic resources available through the Library webpage. For more information call 606-864-5759.

Outreach Activities

  • Our deliveries to Homebound patrons who are not in long-term care facilities will continue as usual if they wish to receive visits during this time.
  • In accordance with the Governor’s March 10th Executive Order recommending visits to long-term care facilities be limited, the Laurel County Public Library will freeze traditional services to long-term care facilities effective immediately – this will include outreach programming and traditional delivery of Library materials. If the management of a facility agrees, we will drop off materials that facility staff will make available to residents.

For more information on Covid-19, here are some helpful and reliable online resources: 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: COVID-19

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