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About Libby, Overdrive, and Kentucky Libraries Unbound (KLU)

OverDrive and Libby are both digital platforms that allow users to borrow e-books, audiobooks and magazines from their local public library. However, there are some key differences between the two:

  • Libby is a newer user interface designed to work the same on your phone and your desktop. For some users, this makes it easier and quicker moving between the app and their desktop web browser without needing to learn a new interface. OverDrive, on the other hand, has a more traditional interface that some users may prefer. Overdrive’s interface has been largely unchanged for many years.
  • Both Libby and Overdrive offer similar features, such as the ability to search for and borrow library books, but Libby has some additional features, such as the ability to send books to Kindle devices and the option to “read now” without having to wait for the book to become available. Libby also allows you to access “extras” and get passes get even more content.
  • Device compatibility: In 2022 OverDrive ended support for all of it’s software platforms except the Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire tablets. Moving forward Overdrive only allows users to install Libby on iOS and Android devices.

Kentucky Libraries Unbound (KLU) is a digital library service, powered by Overdrive. It’s provided by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA) in partnership with a consortium of libraries from across the state. KLU is designed to offer libraries in Kentucky a cost-effective way to expand their digital collections and make a wide range of materials available to their patrons. Member libraries contribute to the shared collection in KLU and also curate their own materials that give their local library patron’s priority access when placing holds on popular items.

Libby Extras

Login to Libby using your library card and get access to even more entertainment and educational resources. You’ll find these resources under the “Extras” section of Libby. Through Libby you can access exclusive services like AristWorks, Stingray Classica, Craftsy, Craftsy Español, iNDIEFLIX, Qello Concerts by Stingray, and The Great Courses!

What’s even better, extras don’t count against the borrowing limit in Libby!

To get started with an Extra, tap the service you want, then tap Get. This will take you out of Libby to get access to the service. Your library card gives you free access, but some providers may require you to create an account before you can use their service.

Note: You may see prompts for discounts and other promotions while accessing providers’ services. These can be safely ignored. Those are intended for users who pay out of their own pockets for those services.

For all extra resources except Kanopy, you borrow access to the service for a set amount of time. Often 7 day passes but some are longer. Borrowed services appear on your “shelf” so you can easily get back to them during your access period. Access periods vary by provider, but you can use the service as much as you’d like during your access period.

For Kanopy, you don’t borrow access to the service. Instead, tapping “Get takes you directly to the Kanopy app (once it’s installed), where you can borrow as many titles per month as your library allows. Since you’re not borrowing the service, Kanopy doesn’t appear on your “Shelf,” and you can access your account any time directly in the Kanopy app.

Enjoying your videos from your tablet, phone, or computer couldn’t be easier while on your home network. Follow the instructions below on how to set that up and use it on your particular device.

Use AirPlay to stream video or mirror the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Cast video from Chromecast-enabled apps to your TV

Yes! There’s no limit to the amount of times you can access any of the services offered in Libby extras .

Libby’s extras are only for patrons of the Laurel County Public Library and it’s hidden from the rest of the users in the Kentucky Libraries Unbound consortium.

Just login with your library card and you should be able to view and access all the extras.

What it’s great for:
  • Unlimited monthly borrows!
  • Many new and popular titles
  • Great user experience
Works best on:
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phones 

Get the App

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to get started is your library card number and your PIN/password. This also how you will login into the Libby app as well.

Yes, all many of the core features can be found on both websites like your borrows and browsing history. However, there will be some features like Libby Extras that won’t be accessible when using the classic Overdrive website.

Yes, you can download Libby on your Amazon Fire tablet directly from OverDrive, the developers of Libby.

Note: We have no further information on when or if Libby will become available in the Amazon Appstore. Despite repeated requests, Amazon has not provided OverDrive information on the timetable for approval.

Libby for Fire tablets, while not available from the Amazon Appstore, has the same features as the Android and iOS versions of the app. The main difference is that you’ll need to update the app (when updates are available) by visiting the same webpage you used to download the app, instead of the app store.

A note about reading: When you borrow a book on your Fire tablet, you’ll have the option to read it in Libby itself, or, if you belong to a U.S. library, to send it to the Kindle reading app on your Fire tablet. Follow our “Reading with Kindle” instructions for more help.

Skip-the-line books are special copies of titles set aside by your library. They have a few rules for how they circulate:

  • Skip-the-line copies don’t have wait lists
  • Skip-the-line copies can’t be renewed
  • Your library may have shorter loan periods for them
  • Your library may limit the number you can borrow at a time

This is a great way for a library to lend select copies of popular books quickly and delight more patrons.

Skip-the-line copies are marked with a shamrock icon. You may see them in lists your library creates, in search results, or when browsing.

If you’re using a tablet or mobile phone, download the Libby app to your download your e-Book for offline enjoyment. Patrons needing to use their laptop or desktop, the options get a little more complicated.

Chromebook: Most Chromebooks that have been released in the past few years support the Google Play store. Installing the Libby app from the Google Play store would allow users to download their e-book for offline viewing.

Windows: Patrons would need to download the ePUB file from the classic Overdrive website. Once downloaded, patrons will need to install another free application, Adobe Digital Edition . Once installed patrons will need to create a free account with adobe in order to use Adobe Digital Editions. Once you’ve logged in with your new Adobe account, you will then be able to open the ePUB file and register your computer as an authorized device to read the book.

Overdrive has chosen to end support for the app on all platforms and move users to their new platform, Libby. As a result, Overdrive removed the ability to download their legacy app, Overdrive Media Console, from all platforms but you can still download their last version of their software below.

NOTE: Support was ended by Overdrive on this application and future updates to Windows may break functionality. Using the classic Overdrive website you can download MP3 audiobooks as ODM files and transfer them to a flash drive or other basic audio player.

You can also visit Libby’s website to get more help.

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