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About Laurel County Public Library Digital Archive

Our Digital Archive is a meticulously curated repository designed for the Laurel County Public Library. It plays a crucial role in managing, preserving, and providing public access to an extensive array of historical documents and multimedia from the library’s vast archives. This digital platform not only makes these invaluable resources readily available to a wider audience but also ensures their preservation for future generations, bridging the past with the present and beyond.

The Digital Archive at the Laurel County Public Library is continuously evolving, expanding its collection on a weekly basis as new materials are added. This dynamic growth ensures that the archive remains a vibrant and relevant resource for the community. These additions help to paint a fuller picture of Laurel County’s rich history and heritage, providing an ever-expanding trove of information and insights that encourage regular visits from researchers, students, and history enthusiasts eager to explore the latest updates.

Laurel County Schools Collection

The educational history of Laurel County traces its roots back to 1817, with the earliest records of a humble one-room schoolhouse beside the Big Laurel River. Since those early days, the county has undergone numerous transformations. In a dedicated effort to preserve this vital aspect of our community’s heritage, the library proudly offers a collection of yearbooks from various local schools, including the former London, Hazel Green, Bush, and Lily High Schools. This archive will continue to grow as more yearbooks are acquired.

Included in this collection you’ll find items from the Sue Bennett College.

From 1896 to 1997, Sue Bennett College in London, Kentucky, profoundly shaped the futures of countless young men and women. Established by the Women’s Parsonage Missionary Society with a mission to guide individuals along a Christian path, the institution evolved over the years from a grammar school into a high school, then a teacher’s normal school, followed by a junior college, and ultimately, a four-year college. Sadly, it ceased operations in 1997.

The library extends heartfelt gratitude to Jim Hays for his generous support of our Sue Bennett College yearbook project. His commitment significantly enhances our efforts to preserve and celebrate the college’s rich legacy.

We also extend our deepest gratitude to Judy Hoskins and G.C. Garland for their invaluable contributions of Bush High School yearbooks to this project. Their generosity plays a crucial role in enriching our collection and keeping the legacy of these institutions alive for future generations.

Our Veterans, Their Stories Collection

Our collection from the oral history project Our Veterans, Their Stories offers a profound look into the lives and experiences of those who served. This ongoing oral history project compiles an invaluable archive of photos, documents, from the interviews provided directly by the veterans featured.

Each piece in the collection serves not only as a record of personal history but also as a window into the broader narrative of military service and sacrifice. Our Veterans, Their Stories aims to preserve and share these stories, ensuring that the bravery and contributions of our veterans are remembered and appreciated for generations to come. This series is an essential resource for historians, educators, students, and all community members who seek to understand the impacts of military service on individuals and their communities.

Local Newspapers

Featured in our digital archive is The Sentinel-Echo, the cornerstone newspaper of London, Kentucky, catering to the broader Laurel County area. Launched in 1879 under the original title “Mountaineer Echo,” the newspaper underwent a transformative merger in 1910 with the “Laurel County Sentinel,” resulting in its current name. This merger combined the strengths and histories of both papers, continuing a legacy of community-focused journalism and local storytelling that persists to this day.

Throughout its history, the Sentinel-Echo has evolved to meet the changing needs of its readership, maintaining a strong commitment to providing comprehensive coverage of local news, community events, and cultural happenings.

The newspaper has become a cherished institution in the community, celebrated for its role in documenting the unfolding story of the area. Whether covering significant local events, offering insights into everyday community life, or providing a forum for local voices, the Sentinel-Echo remains a vital part of the local media landscape. Its rich archives, preserved digitally, offer a window into the region’s past and a valuable resource for research, making the history of Laurel County accessible to everyone.

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As you explore specific items that appear in your search results, you’ll notice markers indicating where your search terms are located within the documents. When you view the actual pages, these terms will be highlighted, enhancing your ability to quickly find relevant information.

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