Our Catalog, Evolved

We’re so excited for you to meet the library’s new online card catalog system. This catalog is designed from the ground up to help you find everything offered in one easy to search website. Never before has our patrons been able to search so many different resources at one time. In the past when you wanted to find a downloadable audiobook, you had to open multiple websites with different user interfaces.

Now, from one search box you’ll see what we offer inside the library and from Kentucky Libraries Unbound, Hoopla, and Kanopy! We know you’re going to love it.

Thousands of Titles to Discover

Easily search and find nearly all the items we offer for checkout and download.


Packed With Features

Register your library card and get started using our new catalog and enjoy everything it can do.

Powerful Search

Use natural language with smart filters to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Curated Lists

Enjoy unique recommendations by our staff and other users in our community.

Patron Dashboard

View at a glance all your borrowing activity in a centralized location.

Personalized Ratings

Set your star ratings to reflect your own unique personality.

Linked Formats

Quickly see all the different formats available to you of any given title.

Recommended Titles

When all copies are checked out, see similar titles you can enjoy while you wait.

User Shelves

Keep track of what you’ve enjoyed and what you want to borrow next.

Community Reviews

Share opinions on the titles you’ve enjoyed or disliked and see what others think.


Designed to find exactly what you’re looking for and also explore titles you might enjoy.


Easily share titles with friends and family via social media, text messages, or emails.

User Profiles

Follow others, share what you’ve been reading and recommend titles you’ve enjoyed.

Child Parental Controls

Manage how your children use our catalog.

Built to Discover

We think having a catalog that’s friendly to browse and find new titles is very important. There are so many ways for you to discover new titles that you might enjoy whether it’s from our staff curated lists, browsing community lists, scrolling through the integrated award winner and best seller lists, or by simply seeing titles suggested to you from within your search.

We’re putting easy discovery at your fingertips.

Find What You’re Looking For

Use our powerful set of search filters to help you find your next book or video. Easily filter your search results by media type, genre, audience, and much more. Quickly see what filters you have applied to your search and remove them with the click of a button. If you have many searches to do, click active filters and apply those same filters to all of your future searches.

Use Natural Language

Want to see all the new items that have been added to the catalog? It couldn’t be easier. Our new catalog now understands what you’re searching for when you type a phrase like “new dvds” or “new large print books”. Filters are automatically applied to help show you what you want with fewer clicks.

Share Your Passion

Rate and review books and movies you’ve enjoyed or disliked. Create your own username and even change your custom rating scale to match your own unique personality. Follow friends and family members and see what they’re enjoying. Create recommendation lists and share them with your friends, students, family members, or just make them public for other library patrons to enjoy!

Lists can be sent via social media, email, or through messaging services.

Mobile App

We aren’t stopping with a new catalog. You’ll soon be able to enjoy a great mobile experience with a fully integrated app on your iOS or Android powered device.

  • Place holds, renew checked out items, and manage your account
  • Browse bestsellers, new releases & staff picks
  • Get notified when items are ready for pickup
  • Search the catalog
  • Track what you’ve read, watched, and listened to
  • Scan book barcodes and see if they’re available to borrow
  • Browse upcoming events
  • Store your library card and use at checkout

Trusted By Many

Our library will be using the same platform as other massive libraries from across the United States, expanding our community of reviews and recommendations. Visit the Bibliocommons website to view the full list of libraries

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