Discontinued: Method Test Prep

AcornTV will no longer be available through RBdigital after May 14, 2021.

A Comprehensive Self-Paced Program Proven to Raise Scores

Designed to work seamlessly with students’ unique learning styles and busy schedules, Method Test Prep’s ACT and SAT prep programs help students raise their ACT scores an average of three points and their SAT scores an average of 150 points. Diagnostic evaluations, lessons, quizzes, and full-length exams help students strategically navigate the SAT and ACT by focusing on both content and test-taking techniques. Students also build their fundamental reading comprehension, grammar, and math skills.


  • Diagnostic evaluations
  • Weekly checklists
  • Quizzes with instant feedback
  • Timed full-length exams
  • Vocabulary builder

When your access expires, you may return to RBdigital to “check out” another 7-day pass.

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If you need more help, you can always give us a call at (606) 864-5759 or chat with us through our website.

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