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The children’s department at the Laurel County Public Library is not just a place to find books. It’s alive with fun, activity, laughter, and learning every day!

With weekly storytimes for all ages, plus engaging activities to keep children’s imaginations growing, this is a place both you and your child can enjoy. Put on a puppet show with friends, build a skyscraper with our blocks, decorate our dollhouse, discover a new book series, or use the computers to research a school project—we’ve got all this and more!

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Kids’ Zone

Here at the library we’re up to SO MUCH in the children’s department. One way to keep up with us and keep your mind working when you’re away from the library is to watch some of our fun videos.

There are interviews, experiments, activities you can do at home, and much more!

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Learning and Growing

Online Story Time

Fun Games

For Parents

It’s not always easy to be a parent, especially if you have a child who’s a reluctant reader. Encouraging your child to be the best reader possible will help them at every stage of their life. Fortunately, we have some websites with resources that can help.

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