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The Laurel County Public Library requests bids on the following item. Bids will be received in the office of the Director, Laurel County Public Library, 120 College Park Drive, London, KY 40741. All bids must be received by 3:00 P.M. on February 19th at which time bids will be opened at the Laurel County Public Library, 120 College Park Drive, London, Ky 40741. Bids must be in sealed envelope with the words “Sealed Bid Custom Ford Transit 250 Outreach/Delivery Vehicle”, the date and time that the bid is to be opened, prominently displayed on the front of the envelope.

Custom Ford Transit 350 Bookmobile Vehicle

For additional information, contact Leah Rudder, Library Director at

The right is reserved to accept or reject all or any part of any bid and to waive any informality in any bid.

Request for Sealed Bid

The Laurel County Public Library, 120 College Park Drive, London, KY 40741 is accepting sealed bids for a new vehicle to be used for outreach/delivery (as described below) until 3 pm on Monday, February 19, 2024. Bids must be received by the library (either in person or by mail) in a sealed envelope with “Sealed Bid Custom Ford Transit 350 Bookmobile Vehicle and the date and time of the bid opening, on the outside.

Delivery of bids should go to Leah Rudder, Director or Laurel County Public Library. The mailing address is Laurel County Public Library, 120 College Park Drive, London, Ky 40741. The library phone number is 606-864-5759. The library is not responsible for late mail delivery.

Bids will be opened publicly and read aloud on Monday, February 19th at 4:00 pm. Questions may be submitted in writing to by 3 pm on Monday, February 19th. The bidder must comply with all specified items or the bid will be considered nonresponsive.

No exceptions to the specification will be allowed after the bid opening. Bids must remain effective for 30 days. Laurel County Public Library reserves the right to purchase the vehicle or to reject any or all bids.

Vehicle Specifications (specifications are based on a custom order Ford Transit Cargo Van or equivalent)

Note: This vehicle must not require a CDL to drive it.



Ford Transit-350 Cargo RWD High Roof HD Ext. Van 148” WB DRW, or approved equal
Exterior length: 263.9”
Exterior width: 81.3″
Exterior height: 110.1”
Wheelbase: 148”
Front track: 68.5″
Rear track: 65.7″
Turning radius: 23.9′

275hp 3.5L DOHC
V-6 engine with Ti-VCT variable valve control
gasoline direct injection
Recommended fuel: regular unleaded

10 speed automatic transmission with overdrive
Rear-wheel drive
Front independent strut suspension with anti-roll bar, HD shocks
Rear rigid axle leaf spring suspension with HD shocks
Hydraulic power-assist rack-pinion Steering
Front and rear 16 x 6 argent steel wheels
LT195/75SR16 CBSW AS front and rear tires
Dual rear wheels
Body Exterior
Driver and passenger power remote, manual folding door mirrors
Black bumpers
Front and rear 16 x 6 wheels
Manual air conditioning
Power front windows
Driver 1-touch down
Remote power door locks with 2 stage unlock and illuminated entry
Manual tilt steering wheel
Manual telescopic steering wheel
Day-night rearview
360 Camera
Upfitter Switches



Aluminum Sheet
• All aluminum sheet metal to be new 5052 – H32 alloy

Aluminum Extrusion
• All aluminum extrusions to be prime billet 6063-T5 or T6 alloy architectural surface quality. Principle walls
to be no less than .090” thick

• All fasteners are zinc plated, stainless steel, or aluminum. All nuts are Nyloc / Spin Lock self-locking
• Rivets of any type are not to be used

Hardware Components
• Latches are cast zinc with polyester powder coat finish
• Hinges are continuous extruded all aluminum
• Shelf Brackets are zinc-plated steel – only brackets that allow self-mating in the same mounting slot
allowing back-to-back shelf locations are permitted
• Drawer latches are solid molded glass reinforced Nylon
• Drawer slides are all steel, double carriage ball bearing full extension slides capable of withstanding 234lbs. loading per drawer. Slides will disconnect allowing drawer removal
• Door back bonding tape adhesive is VHB structural tape

• All sheet components are coated with baked on polyester powder coat, only after forming and fabrication.
• Extrusions to receive 204-R1 Class 2 Architectural clear anodized finish.

• Frames are fabricated from .090 wall extrusions with square cut and coped ends to conceal cut aluminum
edges. Miter/folded joints are not to be used. Joints are secured with self-locking nut and fasteners must
be self-locking.
• Door hinges are secured to frame with self-locking nut and bolt hardware owner can re-alignable and
replaceable without drilling or fabrication work
• Frames are pre-punched with all required assembly and mounting slotted holes. No field drilling or cutting
shall be required to facilitate cabinet assembly.

• All sheet components are to be CNC punched from new sheet material
• Doors are formed to a 1” thickness from a single sheet of aluminum. Doors with cut frames around
perimeter are not permitted. Materials are .063” thick at overhead and wall cabinets, and .080’ thick at base
and closet cabinets. (Door may be fabricated of thicker materials as size dictates.) Doors to be square and
flat to 1/16” tolerance.
• All doors to have .040” pre-finished aluminum sheet back continuously bonded to face sheet with VHB
structural bonding tape
• Overhead doors have a mechanical folding hold open mechanism to automatically hold door to an
approximate 85-degree opening
• All doors have available full-length pivoting handles with self-latching, independently sprung latch
mechanism. Doors must be unlatching by pulling only – no separate tabs, latches or handles are permitted.
• Upper cabinet doors will have both flip-up and sliding glass panels per final design.

• All sheet components to be CNC punched from new sheet material
• Drawers are all .080” aluminum construction with welded corners
• Drawers are encased in .080” aluminum insert case designed to mount into cabinet faces and integrate with
no visible frame around drawers
• Drawer to have full width extruded aluminum pivoting handle actuating twin self-actuating latches
• Drawer must unlatch and open by pulling at any location on the full width handle with one hand. Two-hand
operation is not allowed. No separate tabs or levers may be used to latch drawers.
• Exterior drawer finish to be powder-coated to match surrounding cabinet
• Drawers must be fabricated in specified fractional sizes to custom fit any cabinet

Cabinet Shell
• End and center panels to be fabricated of .063” aluminum sheet at overhead and wall cabinets; .080”
thickness at closet and base cabinets. All punching, drilling, and forming to be done prior to finishing. All
components must be CNC punched
• All cabinets to receive mounting angle bracket at perimeter
• All panels are finished on all exposed surfaces, inside and outside, after fabrication.
• Upper cabinets will include a removable access panel to access upper wire chase
• Radius corners will be used, and no sharp edges will be permitted

• Shelves are constructed of .090” mill aluminum and all sides are hemmed over to prevent sharp edges from
being exposed. Shelves must include adjustable mounting bracket and securing screw. Shelf slots to be
punched in side panels or attached internal bracing. Shelves must be able to be placed across from each
other on both sides of a panel in the same mounting slots via self-mating brackets.

All interior countertops shall be constructed using solid surface materials.

Smooth FRP Ceiling installed.

A trained driver shall deliver the vehicle. Representative will train staff on vehicle, bumper to bumper. Staff members shall be trained to operate every component on the unit.

AC Electrical System: Shall be a 120/240 VAC system rated for anticipated conversion load. System shall
include 125A rated distribution panel configured with UL listed type magnetic/hydraulic circuit breakers.
System shall be wired using UL approved, tinned copper multi-stranded boat cable. All wiring shall be
color-coded: black=hot, white=neutral and green=ground. Additionally, wiring shall be labeled with
machine generated, self-laminating labels, listing circuit number and/or designation at all termination
points. All wiring shall adhere to applicable NEC and FMVSS regulations.

Wiring shall be supported on 20” to 24” centers with insulated, non-conductive clamps. Wire bundles shall
be tied with trimmed nylon ties. Extreme care shall be taken to prevent chafing, abrasion, and exposure to
high heat. Wiring run in external areas shall be encased in conduit to further protect against damage.

MEPS 4.5 kW engine driven generator tied to the chassis PTO.
• One (1) USB/duplex receptacle shall be installed underneath the front desk
• Two (2) Duplex 120v receptacles shall be installed
• One (1) provided for the IT cabinet
• One (1) shall be installed at the rear of the unit
• One (1) Exterior GFCI Duplex 120v receptacle shall be installed

DC Electrical System:
Shall be a 12VDC negative ground system rated for anticipated conversion load. System shall include
distribution panel(s) using Type 1 automatic reset circuit breakers unless connected component
manufacturers specifications require other.

All added circuits shall be protected from over current by circuit breakers rated for a minimum of 125% of
anticipated load. Circuit breaker functions shall be clearly designated by printed labels. Wiring shall be
labeled with machine-generated, self-laminating labels, listing circuit number and/or designation at all
termination points.

Wiring Requirements:
All high-current battery cabling shall utilize full-length cable runs sized to load; splices are not acceptable.
Terminal ends shall be crimped with manufacturer recommended tooling and sealed using color-coded

All added wiring for 12VDC load runs shall be AWG 8, 10, 12, and 14, and conform to MIL-W-1678D type
D. Wire terminals used shall conform to MIL-T-7928. Terminals shall be insulated with insulation grip,
Type II, Class 2, and crimped with tolling recommended by manufacturer.
All added wiring shall be supported on 20”-24” centers and bundles shall be tied with trimmed nylon ties.

Entire system shall be installed to modern US automotive standards using best practices available at time
of installation. Plastic grommets and/or dielectric sealants shall be used to protect wiring and/or looms
where they pass through sheet metal, bulkheads, or structural supports. Convoluted polyethylene tubing
shall be used to protect against chafing and abrasion where required. Extreme care shall be exercised to
provide for easy serviceability of the system in future years.

Commercial-grade Vinyl floor covering shall be installed.
Carpet will be installed on wheel wells and will be standard grey or black.

Custom floor plan designed and engineered using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) technology. Floor plan will
be provided on Size B paper and designed in 3/8” scale. (D size ½” scale also available).

Air Conditioning:
One (1) 13,5000 BTU roof mounted air conditioner, 110 volts. Roof sections shall be reinforced where air
conditioner is to be mounted. A remote thermostat shall be installed to control AC Units.

One (1) 1,500-watt heaters shall be installed per the vehicle’s final floor plan. A remote thermostat shall be
installed for each heater.

Ceiling, sides and rear panels shall be insulated with custom fit insulation kit. It is manufactured 100% of
backside surface adhesive not strips, for ease of installation without the mess and fuss of spray adhesives.
Overall thickness is 3/8” +/- consisting of 2 closed cell sections laminated to an aluminum center foil to maintain
shape and van skin contour. It has an R-value rating of 38-R at ambient external temperature of 80F. Reduces
road noise, reduces exhaust harmonic, stops body panel vibration, eliminates mechanical noise, stops audio
system vibration, and reduces radian and reflective heat.

The interior will be laid out according to final floor plan and will include the following:
• Wire Entry, Vehicle Control panel with storage cabinet below.
• One (1) adjustable shelf installed
• One (1) 3-tier magazine rack installed on the side of the cabinet
• One (1) staff desk shall be installed behind the driver’s seat and include the following
• One (1) upper cabinet
• One (1) drawer below desk
• Swivel drivers’ seat
• ACORE® Shelving installed
• An aluminum shelving system shall be supplied and installed. Shelving components shall be
powder coated after assembly where possible using coatings containing no lead or lead
products. All components shall be constructed from superior grade lightweight materials and
be built to withstand the unique stresses imposed by a mobile environment. All shelving
running along the sidewalls of the vehicle shall tilt back 15 degrees.
• (21) 7” Acore shelves shall be installed
• (8) 9” deep Acore shelves shall be installed
• (3) single sided 7” book carts with wall securements will be installed throughout the interior.

12-volt 6” LED light fixtures shall be installed throughout vehicle.
Under cabinet task lighting installed at staff desk.

One (1) LED scene lights shall be installed on the passenger side

One (1) carbon monoxide detector
One (1) smoke detector
One (1) 5 lb. fire extinguisher
One (1) first aid kit
One (1) set of triangle flares
Audible alarm system with door sensors

30-amp heavy-duty rubber covered 120-volt, 25ft. shoreline cord with Twistlock inlet. Shorecord inlet shall be
located on the rear driver’s side of the mobile unit. An interior shore-cord hook shall be included.

All interior walls shall be constructed using cabinet grade, hardwood veneer plywood covered with high impact
Wilsonart laminate. Customer shall choose from manufacturer’s selection of colors during the pre-construction

Interior mounted wheelchair lift shall be installed at the rear of the vehicle. Lift shall include a vinyl cover.

Posted: February 9, 2024 at 10:00am ET

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