Laurel County Public Library Online Yearbook Collection

The Laurel County Public Library Online Yearbook Collection is a selection of local and regional yearbooks formatted digitally for public use. This is an ongoing project, intended to provide access to materials previously unavailable to the public.

Sue Bennett College

Sue Bennett College in London played an instrumental role in the lives of thousands of young men and women between the years of 1896 – 1997. Founded by the Women’s Parsonage Missionary Society for the purpose of leading people in a Christian direction, the school served as a grammar school, high school, teacher’s normal school, two year college, and eventually a four year college. Its doors officially closed in 1997.

The library would like to express appreciation to Jim Hays for his generosity and support of our Sue Bennett College yearbook project.

Laurel County Public Schools

The history of schools in Laurel County dates as early as 1817 with the first mention of a one-room schoolhouse next to Big Laurel River. Laurel County has seen many changes since then. In an effort to preserve this valuable part of the community’s history, the library is making available yearbooks representing various schools, including the former London, Hazel Green, Bush, and Lily High Schools. We’ll continue to add to our online collection as yearbooks become available to us.

Our deep appreciation goes out to Judy Hoskins and G.C. Garland for lending their Bush High School yearbooks.

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